Redefining the Stoner Stigma

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Redefining the Stoner Stigma

Redefining the Stoner Stigma

Too often, stoners are stigmatized because of stereotypes that have stuck through the years.


Something to ponder:

Like many, you might have a set image in your mind of what a stoner is. You probably envision someone who constantly has the “munchies”, brags about smoking on 4/20, and is lazy all day. Unfortunately, this is a stereotype that has outlasted many generations especially among those who belong to the anti-weed movement. However, despite these stereotypes, the “stoner” is slowly evolving, becoming an ideal that isn’t all that negative and one that can be united under for an entire country.

With this steady evolution comes another movement that is slowly coming to the surface - vaping. It has become quite popular and the market is steadily booming with the introduction of new and improved vapes meant just for bud use, advocating as a worthy alternative to smoking pot in regard to health and overall enjoyability. If you don’t know about vaping, it would be worth checking out TheVape.Guide’s educational series on vaping and their best vape lists for dry herb, extract, and e-liquid vapes.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the stoner stigma, stereotypes that follow it, and what is being done to redefine the term.

Defining A Stoner

At first glance, there are many interpretations of the word “stoner” and how people use it to label others. For one, they might tag a person with the term if they are frequently using marijuana. On the other hand, others might use it even if the person only used weed once or twice in their life. A great example of how this compares is by taking a look at the Merriam-Webster definition of stoner which is “a person who habitually uses drugs or alcohol”.

Even more absurd is the fact that the term is used to dictate one’s lifestyle regardless of what place you hold in society. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are a CEO from a Fortune 500 company with a enjoyment for weed or, as we discussed above, a person who sits on the couch, stoned on their ass, eating Cheetos - you can still be called a stoner.

Lastly, there are other terms that are used in place of stoner including the term hippie. However, common sense would say that there is a clear difference between the two. In actuality, there are some die-hard users who prefer the term “marijuana enthusiast” which is commonly heard in today’s day and age.

What Stereotypes Have Stuck?

For a long time, stoners have been notoriously known as being “lazy”, “hungry”, and “bored”. All of that is about to change.

Over the decades, stoners have been flagged with many stereotypes that have slowly seeped in all aspects of culture. What are these stereotypes, you might ask? Well let’s go over a few:

  1. Stoners are lazy and lay around all day, shirking responsibility.  
  2. They are constantly paranoid (i.e., always assuming that the cops are onto them).
  3. All they do is eat and are a slave to the “munchies”.
  4. When 4/20 or 4:20 comes around, it means it’s time to light up.
  5. Make excuses for not getting things done “because they got high”.

Many of these stereotypes that are described above have taken on a real form including in movies, music, and other forms of entertainment. While it might be tempting to just label a stoner with these in mind, these stereotypes have slowly been debunked over the years. Stoners can take on many forms and most are upstanding members of society who hold very prestigious positions in the political, entertainment, and business environment. A few great examples include Maya Angelou, Ted Turner, Bill Gates, and Jennifer Aniston.

Taking A Stance Against The “Stoner” Mentality

For much of society, people who enjoy marijuana have been stigmatized by the term stoner. As stated before, this has bled into the entertainment industry and has spread like wildfire into the minds of the general public. Even further, there still exists anti-weed organizations that advocate against the recreational (or at all) use of the plant. However, moving forward to 2017, those negative views are slowly starting to change.

Now more than ever, people are coming together in support of legalizing marijuana and this vision is slowly coming into fruition with the states slowly approving its recreational use. The ones who have embraced the green stuff have seen a boost in their economies, reduction in crime, and a unity within their communities. The results speak for themselves and it is thanks to the new generation who are making their voice heard on this matter. Gone are the days where a person who enjoys their bud is known for being “unproductive”, “lazy”, or a “degenerate”.

Now, the term is taking on a new form. Now, it just simply means that hey, I love marijuana and that is all something we can get on board with.

What Part Does Vaping Have in This?

Great question.

The vaping movement has consistently grown over the years with new technology and a growing clientele. It has become a “cooler” way to get high as well as added benefits like privacy to vape your bud, a “cleaner” high, and the plethora of options. While this might seem a little off from the prompt, mentioning the vaping lifestyle does hold its purpose in redefining the typical stoner.

With the ushering of this vaping community, especially for those who use dry herb vapes and vape pens, it has ultimately strengthened the pro-marijuana movement. With this in mind, it won’t be long before this overgrowth in the vaporizer market takes notice and the right people change their views to allow for the continuation of weed legalization.

Can Things Truly Change?

With time, the balance will be broken with the majority advocating for the legalization of marijuana.

To recap, the term “stoner” has been associated with people who frequently use weed and the way in which people apply it can vary regardless of how much you use or how often you have used. Stereotypes have been formed over the years and attribute stoners as being lazy, addicted to the “munchies”, and shirking responsibility for their next high.

However, the next generation is making a stand by redefining the term, once and for all, through their support for the legalization of recreational weed all over the United States. Lastly, some of this support has stemmed from the vaping community where marijuana users can experiment with a new way to get high - through dry herb vapes and vape pens.

There is no way of knowing if the “stoner” stigma will ever truly be extinguished. However, it would be safe to assume that in the near future, much of the US will be on board with passing laws toward legalizing the green stuff.


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