Aero Tank Vaporizer Replacement Coil - High Powered Donut Atomizer (2 Pack)

Prisma Labs


Prisma Labs is very proud to introduce our brand new high powered replacement donut atomizer for the Aero Tank Vaporizer. This is our latest high performance product under the "Aero Vapes" collection.


Atomizer is one of the most essential components of your vaporizer. It plays a very important role to the flavor and quality of your vaping experience.  The Aero high powered donut atomizer is built with extremely high quality material. It will last much longer that the standard heating coils.  Donut features state of the art, high quality deep dish atomizers.  It uses SloBurn technology and will not burn your essential vapes. The traditional coil chamber is replaced by all ceramic chamber.  There is no combustion.  The ceramic disc technology will ensure a slow burn for better aroma and a very tasty vaping experience.


The Aero high powered donut atomizer is best suited for organic wax material.  This Atomizer is designed for experienced vapors. This product includes 2 high powered donut atomizers and a 100% silicone nonstick jar.  This is a terrific deal!  You will love this product! 


Package Includes:

  • 2 x High Powered Ceramic Donut Atomizer (for use with Aero Tank Vaporizer only)
  • 1 x 100% Silicone Nonstick Jar

 Prisma Labs offers the following types of atomizer under the Aero Vapes collection:

  • High Powered Pancake Coil
  • High Powered Ceramic Donut

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