Tight Vac SET of 4 - Odorproof Containers Black



The Tightvac "Set" is a set of 4 odorproof containers.  These containers will double the shelf life of dry goods and everything else too!  Tightvac has a unique push button vacuum seal system that allows the carbon dioxide gas to escape and keeps the oxygen out.  Dry goods such as pasta, coffee, tea, sugar, chips, candies, cereals, cookies and dry blends will last 3 times longer.  These containers have proven that they can keep the freshness and the aroma of  spices, herbs, and other dry blends as well.   It is the best container for travelling and outings - and best of all, it is odorproof.  This set of 4 containers will save you money and keep the freshness of your dry blends for much longer.  They are the perfect containers that everyone must have.

The Tightvac Set includes 4 containers:

  • 24 ounce   size:  Height: 260mm (10 1/4 inches)  Diameter: 123mm (4 7/8 inches)
  • 12 ounce   size:  Height: 200mm (7 7/8 inches)    Diameter: 122mm (4 1/8 inches)
  •  6 ounce    size:  Height: 143mm (5 5/8 inches)    Diameter: 86mm  (3 3/8 inches)
  •  3 ounce    size:  Height:   95mm (3 3/4 inches)    Diameter: 76mm  (3 inches)

 BPA free, FDA approved food grade polystyrene, durable and recyclable

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Category: containers, Odor, raw

Type: Odorproof

Vendor: Tightvac

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